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here in Mexico by incredible women
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The natural multi-talent
Hypoallergenic, soft and thermal

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With washer and dryer
Self-cleaning, saves washes

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Both elegant and casual, for babies from 3 to 9 months that can be used up to 12 months as we always create large sizes. The Lisimo sweater, with a classic cut and knitted with garter stitch, will be used with the sleeves rolled up and will later look like a short cardigan. The Malin shorts with their high waist cut, which avoids pressure on baby’s waist, can be combined with tights or booties depending on the temperature. We have sold this combination in white for baptisms, and we liked it so much that we now offer it in other colors too. The different stitch types match perfectly, and with a blouse or a body underneath, it will be versatile and very chic.

If the product is out of stock, you can place your order by email (specifying model, size and color) with a maximum waiting time of 4 weeks, as long as the desired color is in stock.

In the world of fashion, there is a wide variety of textile fibers, both synthetic and natural. Surely you have wondered why at Dulce de Lana, apart from organic cotton, we only work with 100% merino wool.

We carried out an in-depth study analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of each of the fibers. Merino wool is second to none for baby’s, especially a newborn's delicate and soft skin. From the outset, we can confirm that it is the healthiest and most natural way to wrap your baby, as it is made of keratin, the same protein that forms the outer protective layer of the epidermis.

Medical studies have confirmed that babies who sleep in Merino wool have lower activity rates at night and deeper, more restful sleep. They settle down more quickly, cry less, sleep longer, and gain weight faster. Its qualities make it the perfect fiber for baby clothes:

1) maintains an ideal body temperature constantly, both in cold and hot climates

2) protects the baby from moisture, because it is one of the most breathable fabrics

3) minimizes allergies and unpleasant odors, as it works in total harmony with the skin's mechanisms

4) is fire-resistant and self-extinguishes thanks to its natural fire-retardant characteristics

5) it adapts to the baby's movements and does not adhere to its skin, as fabric is thin, fluffy and light

6) grows with the baby, due to the highly flexible fabric

7) Is long-lasting for its strong fibers, which can be bent up to 20,000 times without breaking

8) it is easy to maintain, since it does not need to be washed after each wear and, specifically, the wool that we use can be machine washed and tumble dried.

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