Dulce de Lana arises from the dreams of a mother before the arrival of her baby and the illusion of covering him with soft clothes in his first months of life. A small sweater knitted by the grandmother opened a magical world … From something as simple as two needles and a thread, it is possible to create unique designs that accompany babies in their first steps, combining them with new colors that awaken their senses. Dulce de Lana garments are handmade by women with great talent who put all their passion and experience in each of the models. Stitch by stitch they create exclusive pieces full of warmth and softness.


We specialize in 2-needle hand-knit garments to create the most appropriate textile for baby clothes. Its texture is flexible, provides comfort and freedom of movement and grows with the baby. The fabric offers an infinite variety of stitches and styles new to the Mexican market, introducing an international fashion trend that is gaining more and more relevance. This art has a tradition in our country and is ingrained in the culture of many Mexican women. The brand recognizes the talent of weavers by offering a personal and handmade product. They knit from home and decide their work hours so that they can balance their family and professional lives. They are integrated into a development and monitoring program to guarantee the measurements and the quality of the finishes of each piece. From the first sketch to the finished garment, there is a long and exciting journey. Each pattern is reviewed by experienced knitters, and samples are washed and worn before going into production. Finally,  and as a requirement to go on sale, each of the garments receives the dandelion button sewn by hand by the founder herself, as a seal of approval.


Before devising and designing our first garments, we defined the mission and vision that we wanted to convey and reflect in our products; a set of coherent values ​​and attitudes that serve as a “common thread” and are present in all our actions, such as the selection of materials, the way it is made, and the choice our suppliers. But also in the recruitment and understanding of the work team, as well as in the relationship with our clients.

We have values ​​and we lead by example:

Respect: we treat all people with dignity and respect

Integrity: we are honest and consistent with our principles and values

Excellence: we have the will and determination to always improve our proposal

Passion: we love what we do

Curiosity: we learn and grow every day professionally and personally

As Stephen Covey said: “Your actions always speak louder and clearer than your words.”



“Among my childhood memories is my grandmother’s yard, where my sisters and I used to embroider napkins during the holidays while she knitted. I always had a knack for understanding shapes and following patterns, and with the help of a very good teacher, I started making clothes to order. Over time, knitting became a way of life for me, and whoever knits knows what I am talking about. In Sanskrit, tantra means knitting, and as the threads of experience that intertwine, integrate us and complete us, each garment carries a piece of my being, my time and my love.”


“I came to Dulce de Lana for my second daughter, Lara. This time I knew that I wanted few clothes, the kind that accompany you,  the kind you don’t want to take off. That’s how I fell in love with the brand and started taking photos of their products. Nothing is more beautiful than being part of the tissue, hands, and heart behind Dulce de Lana.”


“As a mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother, I want to live with my children and grandchildren as much as possible, closely following their personal and professional lives. I have been fortunate to see the birth and growth of Dulce de Lana, my daughter-in-law’s fantastic project. I love their style, their products, their perfection and their contribution to Mexican culture. For me, these are more than enough reasons to collaborate with great enthusiasm.”


“I learned to knit with my mother when I was in elementary school. Knitting relaxes me and at the same time allows me to cover important expenses. I came to Dulce de Lana through my friend Adriana, and the project caught my attention because for me it represents a safe job that allows me to work from home. I already knew about merino wool, but had never bought it, and I like to knit it for its softness and manageability.”


“My love of knitting came from both my mother and a workshop teacher I met in high school. My daughter told me they were looking for knitters and encouraged me to apply, so I showed up for the appointment, and I liked the way they worked and also the pace of work. I also like it because we knit baby clothes, because they provide us with high quality fabrics, and because they treat us excellently. That is why I would like more women to join the project so that it continues to grow.”


“I learned to knit at 8 years old and I started doing it with my paternal grandmother. An excellent friend and also a knitter, she introduced me to Dulce de Lana and I loved the concept and especially that it is for babies. I would like a long future with Dulce de Lana because I hope to continue learning and creating new models that will make us all continue to grow.”


“At the age of 6 my great-grandmother taught me to knit and since then it has been more than just a hobby for me. Knitting became a pillar of my life. Now that I am lucky enough to be a grandmother, I love to show my grandchildren my love by knitting them something personal. When I found out about Dulce de Lana’s project, I fell in love with it. Not only for the materials and quality, but for the love, passion and dedication that each garment carries.”


“I learned to knit when I was a child. My mom taught me the first stitches while she was knitting clothes for my younger sister. I started with very simple things, and little by little I fell in love with the fabric. I discovered Dulce de Lana on social networks, and what I liked the most was that they made hand-knit clothes with natural wool. I loved the concept, because in addition to being able to collaborate in the creation of beautiful baby outfits, I learned new techniques and at the same time I truly relax every time I pick up the needles.”


“Since I was little, weaving has been a part of my life because my mother encouraged me to weave. But it wasn’t until my first child was born that I really started to like it. I am excited to be able to make a beautiful product with my hands and give it to those I love the most. It is an honor to knit for Dulce de Lana. It gives me the chance to continue learning new techniques and to knit love for many babies and moms.”


Friederike, or as everyone calls her “Frie”, was born and lived until her teenage years in Kiel, a small town in northern Germany. During her studies in Paris, she was inspired by large exclusive brands and developed her professional career in marketing in some of the world’s most renowned brands: Chanel, Dior, Issey Miyake, and in 2013 she arrived in Mexico City as Marketing Director of Chanel. However, she always wanted to create something that of much greater value for her, for the environment and for society in general. Inspired by the birth of her first daughter, Frie decided to pursue her dream and create her own brand of baby clothing. She launched Dulce de Lana, establishing a brand with a value driven culture based on excellence, passion, transparency and honesty. At the same time, Dulce de Lana creates job and educational opportunities for Mexican women and children.. We value Frie’s personal contribution to the country that is her home today and that she has come to appreciate and love so much.


If you identify with our values and you are passionate about knitting, write to us at, and we will share details of our recruitment process with you.